Our platform

Nordfin proprietary platform

Nordfin has during many years developed and refined our own proprietary fintech platform that we use to provide a seamless and efficient experience to both our clients and their customers. Our platform handles the full invoicing flow with everything from invoice distribution, ledger management, payments and financing to sending invoices for external debt collection. By using our own platform we have full control and can add new features and improvements at a high pace.

Our platform:

  • is proprietary and optimized for our clients needs
  • is cloud based
  • has an external API for fast and automated integrations to our clients
  • integrates with the most common telecom and electricity systems
  • is scalable and built for growing together with our clients
  • consists of three main parts: Access Web, My Pages and Nordfin Core

Access Web

Access Web is the web application for our clients so they:

  • can stay in control over their invoicing
  • collect insights about their customers and their payment statistics
  • view ledgers
  • view and update invoices
  • download reports
Access Web example
invoice screenshot

My Pages

My Pages is a web application for end customers where they can:

  • show their invoices and payment details
  • download invoices
  • pay their invoices directly using Swish (Swedish customers)
  • activate AutoGiro (Swedish customers)

Nordfin Core

Nordfin Core is the backend part of the platform that contains most logic and keeping everything together, including:

  • automatic import and export of invoices from Nordfin clients
  • creates and maintains customizable financing solutions
  • automatically matches payments and invoices
  • integrates and collect information from external partners. I.e. ERPs, credit information and different registers
  • handles distribution of invoices to end customers
  • collects data and statistics

Screenshot Nordfin Core