About Nordfin

By entrepreneurs - for entrepreneurs!

We at Nordfin specialize in financing and make it easy to get paid, and for end customers to pay, an efficient solution that covers the entire process. We believe in innovation and entrepreneurship, and we take initiative instead of just talking. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities, and we focus on people and business ideas instead of just numbers. 

We are not a bank, but rather a group of entrepreneurs who want to help others develop. We have made it easy for our customers by removing everything complicated and difficult, and instead we offer a personal and frictionless experience where you as an entrepreneur can focus on developing your business instead of dealing with administration and payments. 

Nordfin was founded 2016 and is a financial service provider that works within the framework of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Swedish Privacy Protection Authority (IMY).  

We offer a range of services, including invoice purchase, contract financing, accounts receivable management and collection management. We are committed and want our customers to grow with us. Choose us as your financing partner and experience our enthusiasm and drive. 

By entrepreneurs - for entrepreneurs! We enable growth and reduce customer churn!